8 is great

Dress by me//similar lace//lining//headband (largest one fit her perfectly)
If you're familiar with my church, then you know that eight is a big deal. (If you're not familiar and you're curious learn a bit more here.) Lila turned 8 this month and made the decision to be baptized. She is such a good girl already, but baptism is an important part of our belief system and to see her make this choice and commitment was a special experience. I feel like we live in a world that is big, beautiful, and a bit confused at times and I'm grateful Lila has an inner light that can guide her through it. 
Because baptism is a symbol of becoming clean, LDS kids are baptized in white and then girls can wear a white baptism dress afterward. We hunted for a good already made baptism dress(because I'm busy yo), but Lila's dimensions are anything but standard, so I let her design and draw her own dress and I sewed it up. It's not necessarily what I would've chosen, but I like that. It turned out exactly how Lila wanted it. Simple, lacey, and comfortable. Plus the little scallop hem and white scallop sleeves gave it the fancy, flowy business Lila was after. (or so she told me :) Last month, on a smokey, hazy evening, we stopped by our temple (learn more about that here) and took some pics in the wheat field. It was in said wheat field where I learned that wheat sticks onto everything. I think I'm still picking wheat out of my hair. It's fine I guess. 
Congratulations sweet little golden girl. How I love you!


  1. I love the "law of the harvest" theme of the temple, and of this post. Think of the way you have nurtured and pruned to help this little girl grow! What a delightful little girl she has become! We love the dress, and we love you!😘

  2. I love this dress! I let my girls design, too. Often, I am skeptical if not completely opposed, but in the end I am usually wrong. :) Also, I think the wheat field pics were totally worth it!

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