Halloween 2017

Prepare yourselves for a boatload of pictures because it's that time of year again. You know what I'm talkin' bout. Where I tell myself that no way am I going to spend 40 bucks on a costume when I could make it myself. And then I end up spending more on one costume alone. Sigh. No this year, I stuck to a budget pretty well and truly, I really enjoy making costumes for my kids. It's fun to see things come together. The kids went with a "nature" theme this year. At least that's what Ezra informed me. He was boss of the op. He specifically wanted to be the dark haired guy. Martin? Because they have similar hair apparently. But he wanted to wear blue, which, I guess was Chris? Honestly, I'm not up to date on my Wild Kratts knoweldge so he's a Kratt brother. I feel like I've spent way to much time explaining this, but believe me, Ezra had to specify. Anyway, I saw so many DIY Kratt brothers costumes, but I just went with what I had, which was some black knit and blue fabric paint. And black gloves. Then I grabbed some khaki shorts and a blue shirt and called it a win. Ezra was tickled. 
The twins costumes were from the store. We've had that lady bug costume for years. I bought for like a dollar the day after Halloween and come heck or high water, we were using it on at least one of our babies! I originally had plans to copy it and make a full on striped bumblebee costume for Clementine, but life happened and I grabbed a black and yellow tutu from the dollar store because, let's face, an 18 month old can wear anything and still look cute.
Now if you'll just step this way on our nature walk, you'll notice our bird exhibit. (or as Jonathon put it, "birds you would find see in the Hunger Games movie series." :) For the feather skirts, I bought a bunch of boas and mostly used this tutorial from Simple Simon & Co. Then I kind of just did my own things measurement/waistband wise. And honestly I didn't even hem. Then I just used leftover feathers and hot glued them to felt and a hair clip for the feather clips.
First up, we have our swan getting ready to fly south for the winter. But guys, isn't she so sweet? Really, a swan is Lila's spirit animal. Shes's graceful, sweet, quiet and has always had the best posture I've ever seen. We had so much fun painting her face. And we had so much the opposite of fun taking off her sparkly face paint. I mean really, it felt like a torture chamber. I think we've successfully made her petrified of ever wearing make up. 

 Next up is our little flamingo. I have no words to tell you how much I adore this little Sophie-bird. She's just so cute. And she was proud of her flamingo stance. :)

And last, but certainly not least you can spot our little peacock, Madelyn in the wild. This tutu and costume were just a mix of a zillion I found on pinterest, just google DIY kids peacock costume, but this one was helpful with the headband/feather peacock plume dealio. Then I just added a shirt that we already had and threw in some black leggings. Easiest and itchiest (or so I've been told by Madelyn) costume ever.

And that's our crew. Happy Halloween 2017! I think I've broken my own personal record by actually posting this before Halloween. What?? If you need me before next year, I'll just be here, cleaning up feathers. Because my house looks like a chicken coop.


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