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Dress Waterfall Dress by Chalk & Notch // Fabric Hobby Lobby (sold out) similar

It's been a solid 3 months (it's ok, I'm usually 3 months late to everything) since Sophia turned 3. And suddenly she's full of sass and drama. It's super fun. I'm lying. It's the worst. But she has moments of adorableness that I just love. Truly the age of three is probably the best glimpse I can have into what teenager-hood will be like with my children. And from what I'm seeing of Sophia, we're in for a trip. Like buckle-your-seat-belts-folks kinda trip. I'm excited. For now, I'm grateful for a little warning and the chance that I have to look back at her b.day and see her holding her larger than her own body #3 foil balloon.

And of course, I couldn't let her b.day pass without a quick sew. The Waterfall raglan was the perfect choice. Though, I won't spend time telling you about how hard this color of fabric was to photograph. It's much brighter in real life. Or the fact that I didn't get around to hemming the little beast. Maybe that will happen in a few months, given my current track record. Anyway, we love this little trick. Happy threenager-hood! Also it may or may not have taken me a minute to remember what direction the number 3 faces. #itsfine


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