Potty training is going really well, thanks for asking.

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Hi. My name is Bethany, and I'm a recovering potty training parent.

Hiiiiiii Bethany.

It's come to this. I'm joining a support group for parents recovering from the trauma of having to clean so many poopy underpants you don't think your nose will ever recover. I'm ready to dip my hands in bleach, folks. That combined with the endless tinkle-fest happening on our floors. I'm done.

Take the other day for instance. Just me, ready to take some quick pics of Sophia in her new Flora Dress. I can't even tell you how many times I sat her on the potty before we left. And she was giving me nothing.  Nothing, I tell you. We're talkin' sound of silence, Simon + Garfunkel style. So naturally, as soon as I get her out of the car, positioned accordingly, ready to click, this child has the nerve to announce, "I need to go pottyyyyyyy." Of course. And I know in my heart, I need to find a place for her to squat, but for crying out loud, surely we can get through these pictures? But no. Noooooo. Out comes Niagra Falls and Sophia laughs because my "Oh no!!!" is really hilarious, apparently. But you know what? I just went for it with pictures. So there I was, clicking away, while my daughter was whizzing to her hearts content. (Or more likely, her bladders'.) And the whole time I'm thinking, "I can't believe I don't care more about this whole situation." But what's another accident in the day in the life of a mom with 6 littles? So we're back on the diaper. I'd like to say I've quit potty training for good, but I just can't seem to give it up. Come Monday, I'll be thinking that we can give it another go. I'm afraid I'll be using for the rest of my life.

But in happier sewing news, this awesome pattern by the talented, Heidi of Elegance and Elephants is on sale here, plus it's 10% off (using CODE: FTD10 ) through Dec 8th! I'm gonna sound like an infomercial here, but I mean it when I say that this is a beautiful, versatile pattern (no enclosures guys. I repeat, no enclosures!) It's already made it's way into my list of favorite patterns. Did I mention no buttons or zippers??? ;) It comes together quickly, which makes for a quick Christmas dress sew or a fast tunic. It's lined, no serger needed, and it has 3 different sleeve lengths. It also has 3 different bodice styles. I went with the basic A bodice and ended up rolling up the sleeves, just for fun. I liked the vibe with the large gingham flannel checks. Plus the fit is great. You may have noticed that it is short. The fact is, I made it for one of the twins, but they were unavailable for hire at the time. (Read: tired and cranky). Sophia is basically the same size as the twins, except for height, so we're going to saw I went with a "vintage" style, but if I'd remembered pants, it would have made a great tunic. :) Obviously, whatever works is the theme of my life. You guys know I don't really get on board with a pattern unless it's simple, so if you're in the market for a lovely sew, I'm a fan. So hop over here and use CODE FTD10 for 10% off and happy sewing! Or potty training, if you happen to be on that fabulous parenting journey, like me.


  1. Hopped over here from Elegance and Elephants and I am laughing out loud at your post (probably not super helpful to you!). I HATE potty training... the bodily functions we come to tolerate in the most unimaginable places clearly indicates this is a traumatizing time for parents! Good luck and as people so helpfully told me- "hardly anyone goes to college in diapers". I mean, seriously people, college isn't exactly around the corner and I'd rather not spend 15+ years cleaning pee and poop from every surface my child encounters.
    Oh, and this dress is adorable! I have been searching for a classic, cute no closure dress for so long :)

  2. I feel ya! We attempted potty training a few weeks ago. It didn't last too long, sooo we are back in diapers for a few more months. She is super cute though and love that dress! I'm gonna get it for my girls!

  3. Love the buffalo plaid! I definitely take advantage of whatever child is willing to "work" I may have put Peyton in a "tunic" that the twins would not wear in the past.

  4. you know what I don't understand?? why superman has two first name, and why CLARK can't be his last name? you know how cool it would of been if my friend could of shared a last name with SUPERMAN? way cool!! but boo, whoever had the bright idea to make him CLARK Kent ruined out dreams!!! I am disappointed in the world!!!

  5. Absolutely adorable! Love the fabric too!

  6. I love what you do with this blog! and the realism about potty training. Worst part of parenting, period.

  7. Well instead of canceling the much needed vacation, invest in a travel potty seat and take the training on the road.Travel Potty Seat

  8. Hi, I love the dress. Is the fabric flannel? I am a bit confused. Donna


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