my favorite apples in the bunch

I took the kids apple picking a couple weeks ago. Boy, that's a sweaty feat for a mother. My head is all "Oh, apple picking. That's a fun picturesque idea." And by the end of it, I just want to nap. But even though this particular tradish had me picking most of the apples by myself, we still had fun. I am loving this season our family is in right now. Not because it's easy, but I think more because it's hard. It's exhausting. The bags under my eyes are proof, but it's rewarding to hang out with little kids because they are just so cute and simple and funny. My little humans bring me so much joy. We have up moments and down moments. And that's ok. The twins are giving me a run for my money and I just can't keep up and that's ok too, right? Right universe?? I think it is. Because at the same time, I'm having so much fun with them. They are all the good and bad things about having one 18 month old, only just add in another one. So a lotta frustration (I mean how much toilet paper can a little person possibly unroll before they are satisfied??) but double the happy. And double the chub. I'll love my little people forever. 


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