peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches

It was the perfect kind of weekend to cozy in. I'm not one to wish a season away or want one to come so badly. I dislike Halloween decorations up in July. It just bugs. Let me enjoy my summer while it's summer! I say. In my mind. To the workers at walmart everywhere. But once a season sets in, I'm ready. And this week, after several weeks of trying to hang onto what was left of summer, I felt the chill in the air and the coziness that is Fall. And I felt ready. I love that comfortable coldness that forces you to wear sweaters and slippers. And the harvest that forces you to don aprons and can peaches. Well first, I have lament that I didn't pay more attention to my parents when they canned peaches in my childhood, so I call my trusty friend, Deborah, who is an expert at canning (and basically everything else in life) and have her walk me through the peach canning process, then I can peaches. The little middies are helping, the twins are sleeping. I can leave the window open because it's not too cold, not too hot and the oven is warm and the house smells like fruit leather and our favorite peach pie. (Which is this one. You're welcome.) Nothing better than ringing in a new season, especially one this cozy. You can't force Fall, but when it comes, we welcome the sweaters, pie, and the extra 5 lbs of weight that comes with it. :)


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