I'm baaaaack. Sort of.

Oh heeeeey.

Sooooo. How are we gonna handle this? Are we just going to pretend like I've been consistently blogging for like, a year and a half? Instead of what I've actually been doing? Which is kind of mentally pretending like my blog doesn't exist because I'm busy raising 12 million children? Ya, let's do that. Thanks a mill, guys. And hey, as long as we're pretending, can we also act like my blog is relevant and streamlined and beautiful like I've got search engine optimization figured out and everything is configured correctly to your phone or whatever? Because it's a lotta bit of a disaster over here, but at this point in life, I don't feel motivated to learn coding things myself or pay someone else to redesign my blog. We are what we are at the moment. Blogging takes work. I have a lot going on outside of blog land at the moment and I took an accidental break, which ended up feeling so great. This is not a formal return. But I'm not ready to say goodbye yet. And since we can't really pick up where we left off, let's just get straight to business.
I'm here to show off a cute pattern as part of Project Run & Play Back to School Pattern Tour. I am continually impressed by all that Audrey takes on and accomplishes over there! Now instead of just voting on your favorite looks each "season," you can actually purchase patterns designed by competitors as well as fabric designed by the sewing genius's of the world. It's exciting and I was honored to take part in sewing up a pattern*. Because my Sophia, my tiny little human who I feel like was just a baby yesterday, is off to kindergarten! She is so excited. And I decided to make a cute little jumpsuit to help launch her off right. 
Let's talk jumpsuits. I've make rompers/jumpsuits for my babies. But it can be a tricky business to make everything work correctly when you're drafting your own pattern, especially as kids get older. Enter the Seed Pattern. This pattern is simple, but has so many options. Pants, shorts, skirt, even separate pants or shirt if you don't want to do a jumpsuit. It also has flutter sleeves, cap sleeves or sleeveless options as well. There's even a "regular" size and a "slim" option. I told you, this pattern has its bases covered. I chose a slim 4T jumpsuit with flutter sleeve and pants for Sophia. She is pretty petite (short and slim) so based on measurements, she fit comfortably in the slim 4T category. Once I read through the instructions, I felt like the pattern came together fairly quickly. I've been sewing consistently for over 5 years now and so it felt like a relatively easy sew. Chuck full of instructions and little pockets of info. Just an all around good pattern to have if you're a jumpsuit kinda person. Plus, you can pair it with a sweater and you're ready for cooler weather!

Speaking of cooler weather, I'm off to enjoy the rest of summer before school starts. You can check out this patterns, including these four 4 new pattern releases:

Cicero Jacket

You can snag any of those for 20% off through midnight 8/18/19 EST. (No code necessary) There's also a major GIVEAWAY going on, so be sure to follow along!

Hope over to Project Run & Play to check out their cute patterns and for giveaway info!

We'll see you when we see you, friends!

 *I received this pattern for free as part of the Project Run and Play Back to School Tour, but all opinions are 100% my own. Yada, yada.
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