About Us

So hi. My name is Bethany. Here. There's a picture of me. I like to keep things nice and awkward.
Now I guess we can be friends, right?

I am the creator of I Married Superman.

I'm also wife to Superman.  {This handsome fellow}
and mother to four little supers:

& Sophia
I absolutely love being a wife and mother.   But I feel like whenever I say that, I sound like I'm bragging that I'm a really good mother.  Im really really not, I promise!  It isn't always easy and I am definitely far from perfect.....like, so far.  But let's just say I enjoy the challenge.  I love being in my home.  I love to have a place where my family can feel comfortable and safe.  Home is my element and unfortunately, whenever I step outside of it, I become a really awkward person.  That's something you should know about me, right off.  I am so awkward!  Don't believe me?  Read the blog for a while and you will.  When it comes to awkward or embarrassing moments, I could write the book.
Luckily, this blog is an extension of my home that I am sharing with you, so I don't feel quite as awkward about it.

One of the questions that I get asked the most when it comes to this blog is:

"Did you really marry Superman?"

I never quite know what people are asking.  Like did I marry the fictional character Superman?  Um no.  He's from a comic strip, people.

So obviously, Superman is not really Superman.  {What?  You thought that picture above was the real deal? :) I dug that out of Superman's files from his college graduation like six or seven years ago. I think he used it for his grad announcement.}  But he is my Superman and I absolutely love him with all my heart.  I considered never showing a picture of him to keep it all mysterious {you know, like that neighbor guy whose face you never see in Home Improvement?} but I thought better of it.  Superman is such a huge part of my life, how could I not show him?  He's an awesome husband and father and he's my favorite and best friend.
Plus, I think he's so handsome.  Ok. Sorry. Enough gushing. {I'm just a huge fan.}

Now I guess it's time for the I-tell-you-random-facts-about-myself-that-I-wouldn't-in-my-right-mind-tell-anyone section.  Here goes:

I'll start with food.  Because it is embarrassingly important to me.  I love steak, watermelon, and mustard.  Not necessarily in that order, and not together, but I could live happily on those items of food. Actually, I could pretty much live on any kind of food besides mayo.  I really like to eat.

I also love creamsicles, music, sunshine, writing, snow cones, popcorn, flowers, mambas, crisp fall days, scriptures, starbursts, skittles, old TV shows, fresh snow, classic books, period piece movies, sleeping, and relaxing.

Superman and I really enjoy talking to each other.  And since we usually can't get through a full sentence when our kids are around, we end up talking into the night after the mini supers are tucked in bed.  Talking to each other is kind of our jam since we both graduated in communication.  I emphasized in the broadcasting/journalism side of things and Superman emphasized in the organizational side of things and then went on to get an MBA {he's got that business mind}.  You'd think we would be super effective communicators, sadly, we are not, but we do enjoy analyzing people etc.  Now I sound weird.  I'll move on.

As far as smarts go, I don't dig math. Like not 2+2 math, I'm talking hard math.  It's not my thing. I hope that my children do not inherit my dislike, so I pretend to think math is awesome. I do love literature and I like to write.  I have so many random thoughts that I like to record.  That's one big reason I started this blog.

Let's see.  What else?  I don't consider myself amazing at anything.  That used to make me feel sad, but it doesn't anymore.  I'm fine with dabbling in lots of things.  I'm not a great seamstress, but I enjoy creating small, easy projects.  I'm also not a phenomenal cook, but I like making meals that keep me and my family healthy and happy.  I'm not amazingly organized, but I am working on creating order in my home.  I don't have a great sense of fashion or design, but I try to look presentable.  You get the idea, right?

Ok. I think that's enough randomness to last you your entire life.  But now that we know each other, I hope we can be friends?

Enjoy our little slice of blog land pie!


  1. I love your conversational style of writing, Beth. "What is joy if left unrecorded?"
    It's marvelous that you are keeping a rather public record of your sewing ventures, with a dose of "real joy" sprinkled in through your words and the fabulous photos.

  2. Totally want to be friends. The end.


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