Terms of Use

I've mentioned before that this blog is an extension of my home that I'm sharing with you. Please respect that and don't steal material.  Not that I ever create anything worth stealing, but you know what I mean.  If you use an idea and make it your own, I'm flattered, just link back.  I always try to do the same.  And you're welcome to pin, by the way.  Just be sure to click on the actual post you're trying to pin so that it will take you right where you need to when you are referencing it.

And please don't use pictures of my kids for weird, creepy, rude, or thoughtless purposes.  My kids are off limits!!  I realize their is always a privacy risk when you put pictures up on the internet for all to see.  But my babies are so precious to me!  I put pictures up in hopes that we can share a bit of life with you, so don't be a lame!  If for some reason, you do want to use a picture {to feature an idea or something like that} that's fine, just link back.

Thanks a million!

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